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Few Thought on the state of Big Data in the Healthcare




March 3, 2014.  Guest Speaker:   Innovative Analytics Platform Design Strategies. Harvard University  Extension School, Cambridge - MA. Course: ISMT E-180 -  Building and Managing Business Intelligence Systems.,

February 11, 2014: Lecture:  Architecting the 'Digital Care Enterprise", hst.921-Enabling Technology Innovation in Healthcare and the Life Sciences. Harvard-MIT Center for Healthcare Innovation, MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts

September 24 2013: Panelist Big Data Platform Selection for Healthcare Informatics and Analytics, Boston Chief Technology Officers Fall Meeting. Boston, Massachusetts

September 17, 2013: Speaker. Innovative Thinking When Designing Healthcare Data Warehouse for Informatics & Analytics,

 DAMA International, Hartford, Connecticut

August: 2013:  Judge. CIO-CHIME Leadership Awards

August 2013:  Reviewer. Clinical and Business Intelligence, HiMSS'14

July 17, 2013: Speaker. Information-Driven Healthcare Ecosystem and Patient Safety

 Chief Data Officers Conference, MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts

July 2013: SearchHealthIT. Payers model clinical data analytics for population health management

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July 2013: SearchHealthIT. Clinical data analytics design strategies for healthcare providers


July 2013: SearchHealthIT. The challenges of implementing big data analytics in healthcare

June 4-5,  2013: Speaker. Big Data Analytics in Healthcare,   Big Data and Analytics Forum, Washington, DC


May 22, 2013, MIT SLOAN CIO Symposium. http://mitcio.com

Judge and Award Team Member: MIT Sloan CIO Award for Innovative Leadership      Captain: Panel: Healthcare Innovations through Information/Process Re-Design                                 -  John Halamka, MD, CIO, BIDMC                                          ,- Cynthia Nustad, CIO, Health Mgmt. Systems                      -  Micky Tripathy, PhD, CEO Mass eHealth Collaborative       -  Graham Huges, MD, CMO,SAS                                          - Shahid Shah, CEO, Netspective (Moderator)

April: 2013: SearchHealthIT. Turning information into meaningful healthcare data sets Too Much Information but Not Much Data

April: 2013: SearchHealthIT Care providers and other areas affected by big data in healthcare  

April: 2013: SearchHealthIT. Big data in healthcare: Lots of data but not enough analysis? Analytics or Arithmatics?

April 11, 2013: American Hospitals Association Judge: Most Wired Innovator Award 2013.


March 28, 2013.  Healthcare Executive's Workshop - Healthcare Reform & Analytics.  IBM Technical Exploration Center, Waltham, MA


- Naeem Hashmi, CRO, Information Frameworks

- Brendan Fowkes, Sr. IBM Healthcare Solutions Executive

- Liam O'Heir, Vice-President of NES.


March 11 2013.  Lecture:   Innovative Analytics Platform Design Strategies. Harvard University  Extension School, Cambridge - Course: ISMT E-180 -  Building and Managing Business Intelligence Systems.


March 7, 2013.  Moderator. Actionable Analytics for Value-Based Purchasing session, Clinical and Business Intelligence Track. HiMSS 2013 Annual Conference, New Orleans


Jan 7, 2013. Big Data, Healthcare, and the Learning Organization. New England Healthcare Executives Forum, Waltham,


  • Anita Karcz, M.D., Chief Medical Officer, Institute for Health Metrics

  • Naeem Hashmi, Chief Research Officer, Information Frameworks

  • Richard Lopez, M.D., Chief Medical Officer, Atrius Health

  • Micky Tripathi, President and CEO, Massachusetts eHealth Collaborative


 Deborah M Cooper, Enterprise Analytics Consultant

 Discussion Topics:
 - Big data and patient-centered healthcare;

 - Data partnerships for improving patient safety

 - ACO - redefining clinical care
 - EHRs & HIEs for improving care quality & affordability



Designing Informatics is quite different than typical Business Intelligence solutions. This book describes innovative way of architecting and implementing Informatics and Analytics in the Healthcare business. 

Available later this year.

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         2012 STUFF                

Oct 2-3, 2012: HealthMart'12 Conference Judge: Health Datapalooza


August 2012: HiMSS13:  Informatics and Business Intelligence Reviewer

May 22, 2012:   MIT SLOAN CIO Symposium. Captain, HealthCare Panel: Navigating through Healthcare Transformation: Judge: MIT Sloan CIO Award for Innovative Leadership

May 15, 2012: Speaker: Big Data in Healthcare. New England HIMSS, Boston, MA. Request a Copy



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